Unique building instructions to customize your LEGO® Town.

Brickwood Creations

About Brickwood Creations

Brickwood Creations came to be after I rediscovered my love for the LEGO® brick. It all started with a birthday gift. 

My husband always loved the classic LEGO® castle sets from the 80s and 90s and after I purchased such a set as a gift for his birthday, I was immediately drawn to build something myself. After a hiatus of many years not building anything, I bought the first of many sets to follow. I haven’t looked back ever since. 

I was particularly drawn to building my own designs – MOCs or My Own Creations – like I did when I was a kid. As a youngster, I mainly built castles with traps and secret passages, helped by my father’s precise hands and knowledge of mechanical construction. Now I create whatever peaks my interest. I am particularly drawn to buildings, certain themes, seasonal builds and nature/wildlife.

Since my LEGO® collection was pretty limited at first, I needed to find a way to keep creating without breaking the bank. As a result, I am now an experienced creator of digital LEGO® designs, which I then turn into real brick builds. Nothing beats the feeling of accomplishment when you see your idea come to life! 

Rebuild Your Set is a concept I introduced to the RLFM website bouwsteentjes.info, when they hired me as a writer. It’s an amazing privilige to be able to guide and inform the Dutch/Flemish LEGO® community with my articles about MOC building. If you understand the Dutch language, definitely check out the website!

Brickwood Creations is aimed at providing free and affordable building instructions of unique designs you can add to your LEGO® town. I hope to inspire and connect with creative LEGO® fans of all ages. Enjoy and keep on bricking!

Florien Sijbers-Bos